Dog ailments symptoms include old dog aiments such as dog skin ailments and dog eye ailments.
Friday August 1st 2014

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Dog Anemia

What is anemia? It is a serious condition caused by red blood cell loss. Lack of iron in the diet is usually the culprit. However with animals, anemia is usually caused by parasitic worms or fleas that feed on blood and tissues. On occasion, it can also be caused by a [Read More]

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Dog Lyme Disease

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Dog Constipation

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Dog With Diarrhea

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Dogs Fever

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Canine Lyme Disease

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  • A Counter-Force Will Fix Nigeria, Says Afejuku -
    A Counter-Force Will Fix Nigeria, Says AfejukuAllAfrica.comWhen we want to hang a dog, we are told to not only give it a bad name but also all kinds of labels to enable us dispatch it without any plea or misadventure from any quarters. The man, the governor, the erstwhile governor for now, had, before his ...and more »
  • The Natural Way: A look at metformin - Lovely County Citizen
    The Natural Way: A look at metforminLovely County CitizenI started last week's column with the following; "In our nutty system which often pits medications/science against nutritional supplements the bias supporting medicine is usually given top dog status. Dire warnings abound that if you do this drug or ...
  • No bad smog days this summer in Hampton Roads - The Virginian-Pilot
    No bad smog days this summer in Hampton RoadsThe Virginian-PilotJune and July usually are the start of hot, dry air that mixes with pollutants to make breathing just a bit more difficult, especially for folks who are sensitive to pollutants or have lung ailments. So far this year, though, the state Department of ...and more »
  • New Bark Park is something to wag about - Dothan Eagle
    New Bark Park is something to wag aboutDothan EagleIt's perfectly reasonable to expect pet owners to keep their animals secured, or on leashes when out in public. The down side is that those animals often have no place to exercise, leaving them prone to the same sort of ailments that affect sedentary ...
  • The Hangover - Reno News & Review
    The HangoverReno News & ReviewSometimes this is called, in one of the more bizarre and disturbing idioms still in common use, drinking “a hair of the dog that bit you,” having a little bit of alcohol in the morning to ward off the hangover. ... Unfortunately, “hangovers” are not ...
  • 7 Common Ailments in Senior Dogs - Paw Nation
    7 Common Ailments in Senior DogsPaw NationAs your dog ages be aware of any changes in behavior and mood. These can be indications that something is physically wrong. Just like people, as dogs grow older their ability to fend off illnesses declines. Even the most loving and attentive owner can ...

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